Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to Check Whether a Email Address is Valid or Not

You all might have gone from a situation when you have send just one email to an email address which does not exist and your email client start flooding your inbox with some sort of warnings saying that " The Email address is not valid " and this warning email comes again and again till the email is not discarded. In this post I am going to share a way(s) through which you can check whether a suspicious email is valid or not before send his the email.

Sharing the ways through which you can verify email address of major email clients.


In order to verify a Gmail address just go to Gmail Recovery Page and click on " I don't know my password" and enter the suspicious email address which you are try to verify. If the address is not valid gmail will give you message that " No account found with this email address".

Microsoft / Outlook /

The above method is again an idol method which can be used to verify a Microsoft live email address just go to Recovery Page and choose " I forgot my password" option and enter the email address , A message saying " The Microsoft address is incorrect" will indicate that the email address is invalid.


The principle is again same for yahoo. Go to Yahoo Recovery Page and enter the suspicious email address and hit next button. A message saying "We couldn't match your Yahoo ID " will indicate that the address is invalid.


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