Friday, March 28, 2014

Finding Jobs Using Social Media

Getting and securing job is one of the most important thing in the present scenario. But the goal can achieved  easily by making appropriate strategies.
Now a days social media is becoming the power to control the world. Influence of social media can be seen in our daily life. Making strategies and planes with social media can help one in securing a good job. Using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be fun and flighty .So, I am going to share few ways to secure a job with the help of social media.

 1. Facebook

Facebook  is continuously maintaining its position among top two sites.  For some people facebook is just a site to make new friends but for some it is a boon in many ways. Facebook's representatives few tips can be considered to get a good job through facebook , these tips are -

  • " Like" Some Pages
 Now a days every company and firm has their respective facebook pages on which they post there updates about new activities , acancies and many more updates . You should like a companies' facebook page in which you are interested from there you can get every information about the company which will help you a lot.

  • Add Professional Skills
 Few months before facebook has added a Professional Skill page in their " About" section where you can update you education , skills which you have acquired to optimize you professional approach.

2. Twitter

In 140 words , Twitter can help you in finding your dream job. The only thing you should know is the way of utilizing twitter as per you needs.
  • Search  
You can use search bar to look keyword that implies to the job you want to apply. For instance if you want to find a job for writer in New York. You can use the keywords like "writer" and "New York" for better results.
  • Hashtags
Using appropriate hashtags like #job and #writerhiring will result in the great results from the people seeking employees. Employers who often want a large net of employees often use these kinds of hashtags on twitter.

3. LinkedIn

Every one of us knows that LinkedIn is a professional social networking site. Which enables you to mange you professional skills and Widen their professional network. You should Connect  to as many as professionals in order to widen you network. You should also Share on linkedin . According to linkedin career team by sharing as many articles you can boost your chance to get employment by 10 times.

The other thing which should be kept in mind is List all thing about your skills which help employers to know better about you and your skills.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Facebook - A Social Network or A Spying Machine ?

Facebook is becoming a mass eater , facebook is extending its borders day by day. Company is continuously giving the statements about providing a new era of social connection with full privacy. A question arises in the mind of many " Is the company really doing what it is saying ?".

 The answer is no . According to a report Nation Security Agency (NSA) has a control on Facebook's server through which NSA can easily have a look on your private chats , messages and the activities performed by your computer. NSA has successfully exploited the increasing addiction of facebook to make its job a easy one. There is no doubt that they are doing all this for the sake of security of their country but what about the PRIVACY ? They can do this kind of Digital Spying in their country but why are they targeting the users around the globe.
Recently facebook occupied Whatsapp , But how can we say that they will not use it for the purpose of spying or they will not keep an eye on us? The answer is still not sure. By observing all the facts and updates on this issue it would not be wrong to say that a company started from a social network has now turned in spying machine.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to Check Whether a Email Address is Valid or Not

You all might have gone from a situation when you have send just one email to an email address which does not exist and your email client start flooding your inbox with some sort of warnings saying that " The Email address is not valid " and this warning email comes again and again till the email is not discarded. In this post I am going to share a way(s) through which you can check whether a suspicious email is valid or not before send his the email.

Sharing the ways through which you can verify email address of major email clients.


In order to verify a Gmail address just go to Gmail Recovery Page and click on " I don't know my password" and enter the suspicious email address which you are try to verify. If the address is not valid gmail will give you message that " No account found with this email address".

Microsoft / Outlook /

The above method is again an idol method which can be used to verify a Microsoft live email address just go to Recovery Page and choose " I forgot my password" option and enter the email address , A message saying " The Microsoft address is incorrect" will indicate that the email address is invalid.


The principle is again same for yahoo. Go to Yahoo Recovery Page and enter the suspicious email address and hit next button. A message saying "We couldn't match your Yahoo ID " will indicate that the address is invalid.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Android 4.4 KitKat Features and Reviews


After the great success of the previous versions of Android  Google has finally launched Android 4.4 named as Kit Kat. After several unofficial leaks google has launched it with its Nexus 5 phone. Presently Android 4.4 is available for Nexus 5 but soon it will be upgraded on Nexus 7 , Nexus 4 and other Samsung smart phones.

Lets have a quick look on several noticeable features of this upgraded OS.

There were several small and in-noticeable while upgrading from Android 4.2 to Android 4.3 but there are ton of new features in KitKat as compared to 4.2 and 4.3.

Full-Screen Immersive Mode   

This is really a great feature which is arrived with Android 4.4 only no previous version was armed with this feature. Now, you can switch to full-screen to see more and simply swipe from the top or bottom edge of the screen to get the buttons back.

Low-Power Audio Playback

According to Google 4.4 KitKat allows you up to 60 hours on audio playback on Nexus 5. All credit goes to Audio Tunneling to a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) installed in device's chipset. Which means  giving a better playback and consuming less power.

Easy Printing

KitKat allows you to print your photos and documents easily. If you are connected to any printer with Google Play Store installed you just a click away to print your material.

Chromecast Enabled

Google's Chromecast support is available in Android 4.4 to support wireless streaming of content such as Netflix and Youtube.

Device Management (In-Built)

Now you need not to worry If you lose your smartphone , you can easily find it remotely by Google's Android Device Manager.

Email App Refresh

The email app has got a new look and has faced several upgrades and customizations.

Full Screen Wallpapers With Preview

Wallpapers can now display through the status bar and if you want to set a new wallpaper you can switch to full screen and have a preview of it .

Infrared Support

Android 4.4 enables you to remotely control any of the infrared enabled devices like TV and other devices.

Step Counting (In-Built)

If you are not willing to spend money on your fitness then Nexus 5 and other 4.4 enabled devices are very useful to you these devices acts as pedometer to count your foot steps. According to Google " Updated Hardware and Software make it a more battery friendly way to measure your activity".

There are several features which are not listed above. After having  a look on such great features I can say that Android 4.4 KitKat is going to be in a huge public demand.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Reveal Hidden Password Behind Asterisks (Stars)

Many of my friends asks me to tell a way with which they can Reveal Hidden Password Behind Stars. This is an important post for all those who have left their important account with "Save Password" option in the browser and have forgot the password to make any important update in their account. There are several ways to reveal stars but we are going to discuss a simple one.

We will discuss this method for different browsers but the working principle will remain the same.

Google Chrome  

It is quite simple just go to the text box containing your hidden password and right click on it and click "Inspect Element" then a new section of code will appear on the screen containing a piece of code like this -

<input type="password" name="password" value="this-is-my-password">

the only thing you need to do is change type="password" to type="text" or to make it quick I will say that the password is stores in value=" " in this case the hidden password is "this-is-my-password" .


Just follow the same procedure till Inspect Element and after clicking on Inspect Element press ALT+M to open mark up panel in which you can find <input> tag and follow the same procedure.

It is almost same for all the browsers. You can easily come to know while doing it practically. If you like this post kindly give your value able comments below.

Countries with Highest Internet Speed

Present scenario is the scenario of cyber world. Nation's strength and power is determined by its cyber army as it is easy to remain defended from a known source rather than from an unknown source. Internet speed pays an important role in the growth of a country. So here I present a report on Top 10 Countries have Highest Internet Speed.

We can see that Asian countries are on the top while European and American region is lacking in Internet Speed.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Quick Review of Windows 8.1

After a neutral response of Windows 8 Microsoft launched Windows 8.1 this Thursday. Its a great feature-rich update for Windows 8 . However, it was failed in making people happy in terms of some basic problems of Microsoft's Windows. People think company has not worked hard on touch user interference which was made for keyboard and mouse. 

Now lets discuss several good updates :-

1.  Less Space Consuming 

Although the update contains tons of new features , the company claims that Windows 8.1 will be working in less storage as compared to windows 8 and it will give you 10-15% more free space .

2. Improved Multi-Tasking

We all know that Snap was a great theoretical concept but it was not so successful in windows 8 thus limiting to only up to 2 windows with a lot of problems. But it is not same in the case of Windows 8.1 and have proved its name. Now user can switch to 3 windows at a time and can easily re-size any of the window according to the requirement. 

3. Auto Apps Updates

This is one of the terrific feature introduced by the company. Many people start hating their devices just because the device always screams to update the apps one by one but with Windows 8.1 all your outdated apps would be updated in background without giving you any sort of head-ache .

4. Start Screen Can Share Desktop Background 

This might be a minor features for us. But sharing a common background with Desktop and Start Screen gives you a new experience of a modernize interference.

5. Multi-Monitor Support Improved

Multi-Monitor support has become one of the essential part for a professional as well as personal life. Although windows 8.1 devices are high performance devices but aren't  exactly too big which a user may require. To shootout tihs problem Microsoft has improved Multi-Monitor support in Windows 8.1 .